The W3!

Married To The Sea

Awww…this was our last reading. This was the last article in the book. That is so bittersweet.
I got way, wayyy more out of this class than I ever imagined I would. “From Memex to Youtube”? No lie! I thought we’d merely talk about how Youtube reflects the degradation vs. value of pop culture. But this has been amazing!

On to the topic at hand. Today’s article. By a small army: Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Cailliau, Ari Luotonen, Henrik Frystyk Nielson, and Arthur Secret….I wish my name were “Arthur Secret.” (If I’m ever in need of a nom de plume…I’ll keep it in mind.)

Oh but seriously back to the article, “The World Wide Web.” It trips me out to see the authors try to explain the WWW to a reader they assume is unfamiliar with it:
“When is starts, it displays an object, normally a document with text and possibly images. Some of the phrases are highlightd: in blue, boxed, or perhaps numbered.”
Describing it at such a rudimentary level gave me pause. I mean I guess that’s how I would describe the internet. It makes the familiar strange, (to bite off a term from anthropology). Although the internet is a really new phenomenon, I really can’t imagine going through college without google, email, etc. Oy- email! Invaluable, that. But it is fascinating how such a…weird thing…became SO fundamental in our lives, and so quickly.

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